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Qaytu is a Quechua word, its an ancestral native language used until these days in some parts of the Andes of Peru. Qaytu means yarn. Yarn as the raw material used in our products, yarn as the conductive heart of the soul of each knitter. Qaytu connects us with our most inner and pure self.

It all started in 2000, Mirva Trujillo, Qaytu founder, after an exhaustive research decided to get involved in the textile world, not only to make wonderful creations but most important to contribute with her country development. She started the journey of her life. Traveling from the deep green Andes to the wide blue coast. Cusco, Huaraz, Cajamarca, Arequipa, Puno, Trujillo, and the list goes on. She works with the woman and men in each community, reinforcing their ancestral skills and complementing their techniques, teaching them how to be more precise, creating together the finest garments. Along with this path Yurac Fiedler, her daughter, after years of admiration, joined her on this amazing journey. Now together, hand in hand, they continue to travel, teaching, working and overall being thankful for every heart involved in this incredible project Qaytu has become.



—  Mirva Trujillo, Founder and Brand Manager

Founder and Brand Manager. Entrepreneur of businesses related to the production of high-quality garments. Responsible for Qaytu's network of collaborators throughout Peru.


—  Yurac Fiedler, Creative Director

Architect and designer. With deep creative sensitivity and passion for creations that focus on sustainability, she creates every capsule collection from natural fibers.