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Sustainable fashion is part of the daily life of Mirva Trujillo. In her country, Peru, she is in charge of creating bridges of empowerment for women who work as weavers in low-in- come communities. Mirva discovered this way of creating businesses by connecting ancestral activity with the growing demand for products that had a correct value chain, respecting the social space of each group of weavers and training them in the art of weaving.

Their main satisfaction is to see the well-being that unfolds from the careful work of the women with whom she works, making their well-being spread to each of their families. After an intensive period of exports to countries, Mirva consolidates Qaytu as a sustainable fashion brand made in Peru.


We are a company with international projection, we provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers through our products developed with natural materials; as well as working under the criteria of Fair Trade Good Practices. We contribute to the sustainable development of our local community, the personal growth of our employees, commitment, and respect for the environment.    


To be a leading company in the textile industry, in the international and national market, with high quality, socially responsible and committed to our environment.


Strong commitment

Commitment to our community.
Commitment to our collaborators.
Commitment to our customers.


Commercial Practices

Our production and marketing channels are focused on a model that provides sustainability to the Peruvian communities that work with us


Development of skills

Training for Employees
Strengthening Plan with our Suppliers and Clients


Fair Trade Communication

Communication on Fair Trade, Sustainable Trade to the Community


Payment Policy

The payment is related to the minimum wage



Equality of Treatment

There is no wage differential.
Access to training without discrimination.
Women's Leadership Workshop.
Empowerment workshop.
Couching for members of the Association.


Labor Conditions

It promotes safe working conditions. Working hours for members.Commitment to work.
Format of service delivery dates.


No Work for Children

Declaration that does not apply child labor in our Association.
The children of the Members attend the College.