—  We're a living prove of a sustainable peruvian fashion brand


Qaytu is a fashion brand handmade in Peru. Its identity reflects on the nature of its inputs and on the people that make it not only possible but also sustainable. The brand considers trend attributes and combines them with an irremediable good design, making it an ideal choice for those looking for products of character, color, and strength.

Each of the Qaytu garments grows in a capsule collection, thus developing unique elements each season. The materials that intervene in the design range from cotton, alpaca, baby alpaca and natural fibers.


The creative studio of Qaytu is composed of Mirva Trujillo and Yurac Fiedler, as brand manager and creative director respectively.

Those looking for a relaxed, oversized, cozy and urban vibe find in this brand the perfect ally for any occasion; developing confidence in the patterns that the brand proposes and betting on them without hesitation.